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  • Rise of the (responsible) brain hackers
  • Rise of the brain hackers
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Rise of the (responsible) brain hackers

When did you last upgrade your brain? With experts saying cognitive enhancements will become part of everyday life within the next decade, The Institute for the Future (IFTF) is proposing new ethical principles including "the right to know who has been modified."



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    In a world where products and clothes are designed to fit every body shape and size, why does medicine still use ‘one size fits all’? Is wearable technology finally advancing to provide a more bespoke healthcare service and more personalised medicine?

  • Article image Is MC10 creating superhumans?

    Wearable tech startup MC10 works at the cross-section between health and technology. Its 'invisible' head impact indicator monitors sports players, feeding back vital data to their coaches.

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    We spoke with five people about their own experiences of data tracking and the benefits and insights they have gained as a result.

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    Tapping into an ancient desire to be more than we already are, a new trend is emerging that is about being better, fitter, stronger, and happier.