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  • Fragrance Lab: creating your signature scent
  • Fragrance Lab: creating your signature scent
    Fragrance Lab ©

Fragrance Lab: creating your signature scent

Having trouble choosing the right fragrance? Selfridges has launched an interactive 'Fragrance Lab' for shoppers at its flagship store in London. After passing through 'sensorial chambers', people are presented with a signature scent based on their personal preferences.



  • Article image Julep: crowdsourcing beauty

    Online beauty start-up Julep is an internet phenomenon, targeting women of all ages who are genuinely passionate about beauty products and want their opinions and expertise to count. But what’s attracting so many women to sign up?

  • Article image Thread: personal stylists for everyone

    Combining computer algorithms and real stylists, British menswear brand Thread offers a personalised shopping experience that strips out the distractions and confusion of online shopping.

  • Article image Target brings Facebook users in-store

    As e-commerce expands, brands are rethinking their business models to cater to shifting consumer habits. Cartwheel is a collaboration between US retail titan Target and Facebook.

  • Article image Mass Customisation

    Mass Customisation represents the shift to a world where everything is in some way personalised to the needs of the individual.