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  • Parents tackle obesity in the Middle East
  • Parents tackle obesity in the Middle East
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Parents tackle obesity in the Middle East

Encouraging exercise and tackling fast food ads are just two of the topics to be broached during parenting workshops in Abu Dhabi. Headed by Yale professor and health expert Kathryn Henderson, they aim to confront the growing issue of childhood obesity in the Middle East.



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    The WHO wants to bring sugar consumption down to 26-32g a day - but even a single can of cola contains 40g. The road ahead might be long and bitter, but the war on sugar has already begun.

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    If obesity is an international crisis, sugar is increasingly cast as the chief villain. In response, Coca-Cola has thrown itself into the drive for collective health improvement.

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    Disney has redefined how it engages children with healthy eating as the first US media brand to create standards for food advertising that targets kids.

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    Busy parents want quick, healthy options to feed their children, but knowing what's best can be hard. Baby food brand Ella's Kitchen is an authority for parents and kids alike.