Bumble educates daters on unsolicited fetishisation
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Jun 14, 2021
Bumble educates daters on unsolicited fetishisation

Looking to make its platform a safer and more inclusive space, Bumble has launched an educational campaign designed to tackle the fetishisation of people. With racial fetishisation prevalent on dating apps, Bumble is looking to stamp it out with its campaign.

A survey by Bumble in the US shows that 45% of respondents don't understand what fetishisation means in relation to identity, race, body type, profession, and more, while those who are the most likely to experience unsolicited fetishisation displayed a much clearer understanding of what it is. In the UK, 53% don't have a clear idea of what fetishisation means. However, 35% of Asian women, 33% of Black women, and 45% of Asian men have experienced it when dating online. Bumble’s educational outreach campaign is about making dating a safer experience, with a video that shows people dissecting their experiences of fetishisation and explaining how dehumanising these experiences are.