Aussies are side-hustling amid job-hunt struggles
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Apr 5, 2021
Aussies are side-hustling amid job-hunt struggles

According to a study by the Australian Department of Education, a university degree may not be as secure a ticket to employment as it once was. With people putting their passion projects first – and as freelance work grows – there are opportunities to foreground side hustles in recruitment.

The Department of Educations’ 2020 Graduate Outcome Survey reveals that 27% of Australians struggle to find full-time employment after completing their degree. As youth unemployment grows around the world – from the US to South Korea – a side hustle lets young people pursue a passion for profit. While helpful for earning cash in the face of employment droughts, the gig economy is struggling to get recognition from the Australian government. Indeed, the budget ‘does little’ for gig workers who live in legal precarity. Among graduates who have found work, under-employment is common: the Outcome Survey finds that 40.9% feel that their skills as an undergraduate aren't being fully utilised, showing that alongside securing employment, young employees are also feeling under-valued.