SK-II helps Chinese families resolve marriage pressure
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Feb 19, 2019
SK-II helps Chinese families resolve marriage pressure

In China, disagreements about marriage are causing big problems between young women and their families – with the younger generation rejecting social pressure to tie the knot. In its Chinese New Year ad, SK-II strikes a reconciliatory tone and helps young women make peace with their parents.

'Meet Me Halfway' is an online documentary from skincare brand SK-II, which shows young women and their parents talking about the tensions between them because of their opposing ideas on marriage. In the five minute clip,three single Chinese women talk about their sadness stemming from the parental pressure, and how it puts them off from going home for Chinese New Year. "For women these days, marriage isn’t the ultimate goal in life," says one woman. By contrast, one of the fathers says: "Her problem is that she is too independent." During the film, the women send letters to their parents explaining their feelings and ask their parents to meet them halfway, literally and figuratively. This results in emotional reunions where compromise is promised.