Wikipedia is as unbiased as Encyclopaedia Britannica
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Nov 9, 2016
Wikipedia is as unbiased as Encyclopaedia Britannica

The problem with people using their social feeds as a news source is that they end up exclusively reading and sharing media that reflects views they already have. But amid this landscape of echo chambers, Wikipedia has unexpectedly held its ground as a beacon of neutrality.

When researchers at Harvard Business School compared nearly 4,000 Wikipedia articles to their equivalents from Encyclopaedia Britannica, they found that the free, collaborative, online resource has no more political leaning than its expert-written rival. The study looked at articles about US politics from 2012 that appeared in both resources, especially ones that covered controversial topics. This neutrality is thanks to the crowdsourced revisions by self-appointed moderators from both sides of the political fence, who balance out each other’s biases.