Personalised products can lead to heightened happiness
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Jul 4, 2016
Personalised products can lead to heightened happiness

There's plenty of research that claims to prove or disprove the maxim that money can't buy you happiness. Now, a new study suggests that it can – it just depends on who you are and how you’re purchasing, with personality type playing a key role in the emotional outcome of spending.

Contrary to decades of research that's typically shown weak links between ‘happiness’ and ‘consumption’, the study explains how money increases happiness if it’s spent in the ‘right way’ – with individual differences helping to define what counts as ‘right’. Using more than 76,000 bank transaction records, the researchers found that people who spent more on products that matched their personality reported higher levels of life satisfaction – i.e. an extrovert spending on social activities, or an introvert spending on private pursuits.