What’s behind perfume’s surge in popularity?
20 Mar 2024
What’s behind perfume’s surge in popularity?

While perfume has been around for nearly as long as humans, it is currently having a moment and outperforming sales of any other beauty products across the board. It seems like younger consumers can’t get enough of niche new fragrances and emerging scent brands. What’s behind perfume’s renaissance?

Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is the creative director of scent brand PHLUR.

Scout Dixon West

Scout Dixon West is a perfume content creator on TikTok.

JT Siems

JT Siems is a perfume historian and founder of Immortal Perfumes.

Bee Beardsworth

Bee Beardsworth is a writer, photographer, and creative director based in London with a background in fashion, media, and art. She writes about fashion and beauty through a postmodern lens, with an underlying focus on feminism and queer theory. Beardsworth recently completed a degree in the history of art and visual culture, with a strong focus on femininity and queerness in modernity, internet culture and new media, occulture, and architecture.