How is AI changing the gaming experience?
17 Apr 2023
How is AI changing the gaming experience?

With gamers looking for more realistic and personalised forms of play, AI has great potential to transform the gaming landscape. Could the level of realism that the industry and players anticipate from AI disrupt motivations for engaging with games?

    Peter Bell

    Peter Bell is the founder of Purpose Made, host of the Purpose Made podcast, a games industry advisor, strategic consultant, public speaker, and author. His topics of interest include movement thinking, brand purpose, computer games, and societal change.

    Colin Agur

    Colin Agur is an associate professor at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. His research explores emerging media with a particular interest in mobile communication, digital games, and the political economy of media.

    Bec Lobo Correia

    Bec Lobo Correia is an experienced writer and creative professional with a wealth of experience worldwide, including London, Lisbon, and Seoul, South Korea. They currently balance their passion for filmmaking with their pursuit of writing on topics such as international subcultures, multimedia industries and contemporary activism.