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  • How can brands tap into the flourishing maker movement?
  • How can brands tap into the flourishing maker movement?
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Dale Dougherty on building the Maker Movement

From traditional craft activities like knitting to more career-minded pursuits like coding, COVID-19 prompted people to explore creative hobbies, presenting opportunities for brands to reach fresh audiences. Canvas8 spoke to Dale Dougherty about the future of the maker movement and its impact.

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The maker movement infiltrated everyday life in 2020, with people taking up activities such as cooking and sewing to help pass the extra time during lockdowns. Hobbycraft, the UK’s biggest arts and crafts retailer, claimed that the number of visitors to the ideas page of its website tripled between March and May 2020, with searches for thread surging by 310% over a six-week period. [1] Yet while the maker movement is still seen by many as revolving around these traditional crafts, it’s equally about technology in the form of app building and coding. “There’s a ...



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    Why creativity is a powerful coping mechanism

    With traditional ways of socialising blocked and the stress of the pandemic having a drastic impact on people's mental health, many Britons have embraced the soothing balm of a new or old hobby. But how might an uptick in creativity impact their leisure preferences in the post-pandemic era?

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    Party at Mine(craft?): how kids are communicating now

    The way children communicate with their peers, family, and teachers has shifted dramatically thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But what are the long-term implications for how they socialise, learn, and play? And how are parents and brands mitigating fears around safety and screen addiction?

  • Hobbies learnt in lockdown give us a well-being boost

    Hobbies learnt in lockdown give us a well-being boost

    From stress-baking to gardening to puzzles, there are innumerable hobbies people have tried during lockdown to keep their spirits high and minds occupied. And it turns out these activities have a tangible effect on mental health, creating room for brands to innovate in this space.

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    Coding Critters: screen-free coding for Gen Alphas

    As they try to give their kids playtime that is both fun and productive, parents are looking for toys that educate their little ones as much as they entertain them. Coding Critters offers simple-to-use coding-based toys to teach kids about the basics of coding, without them even realizing it.