23 Feb 2024Read of the weekFilipino Gen Z Turn To Religious Rituals on Roblox

Technology is constantly evolving as is the way we use it. On Roblox, young Filipino Catholics are reshaping the way they express their faith by bringing religious festivals into the virtual realm which marks a deeper connection between technology and spirituality and challenges online conventions.

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The Roblox Filipino Catholics (RPC) boasts a community of over 4,000 members engaged in online religious services, and this digital-first collective has recreated cultural events like the Fiesta Señor and Sinulog festivals within the platform. As technology disrupts long-standing cultural practices, the adaptation of nearly 500-year-old traditions, like the Fiesta Señor, is indicative of young Filipinos embracing digital worship for reasons of accessibility and inclusivity.

The virtual replication of these festivals on Roblox offers worshippers the opportunity to partake in cultural and religious events from the comfort of their computers, transcending geographical constraints. Statistics reveal that among Pinoy youth, 56% view gaming as ' stress-relieving,' while globally, 40% of Gen Zers express that Roblox avatars help them better express their authentic selves. These attitudes underscore the comfort found in online spaces, making digital worship a natural extension of contemporary religious practices.

Apps like Glorify are also tapping into digital worship behaviours, as they recognise the need for innovative solutions that cater to evolving expressions of faith. As Filipino Catholics continue to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, this shift calls for brands to recognize and support these evolving behaviours, fostering a harmonious relationship between technology and spirituality in everyday practices. The story of the Roblox Filipino Catholics shows how the intersection of faith and online worlds opens up avenues for connection and inclusivity.