Jul 22, 2022Read of the weekRead of the week: Canadians rethink road tripping

Taking a road trip cross-country is fulfilling many people's desire for wanderlust and post-pandemic travel experiences, with road trips now a popular choice for many Canadians that are looking to get away on a budget.

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The majority of people in Canada are ready for a summer vacation, with road trips being a safe and cost-effective option for those whose primary goal is to spend more time in nature this summer. 33% of Canadians with access to a vehicle are ready to drive at least seven hours as part of a road trip, 39% are looking to use more vacation time this summer than they did in 2021 and 77% are ready to or likely to travel outside of their municipality.

The cost of living crisis is causing people all over the world to rethink their travel plans, and in Canada 53% of people's summer travel plans will be influenced by rising gas prices. To avoid cancelling a summer of fun altogether, people are looking for ways they can save money and rethinking the road trip is proving a popular option.

In Canada Wexas Travel is helping people to create their ideal tailor-made holidays to suit their needs, and in the US The American Road Trip Company is providing organised and personalised road trips that will inspire, replenish and astonish customers. As 56% of survey respondents are hitting the road to see family and friends, 52% are looking for overnight stays and 31% want to visit a national or provincial park, road trips are re-energising domestic travel.

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