Jun 15, 2022UpdateIn conversation with Chloe Pierre: thy.self’s founder on why wellness needs a makeover

Featured in Vogue, Forbes and with brand collaborations including Nike and Pinterest, thy.self became the talk of the wellness industry for its ‘360 realness’ approach to mental wellbeing. We speak to founder and CEO of  thy.self, Chloe Pierre, about the inspiration behind her brand, misconceptions around wellness and tips on how to cultivate self confidence.

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On the power of quitting
In conversation with Meera Pathak, Head of product at Canvas8, during an intimate fireside discussion Chloe shared the journey she’s been on from employee to founder of one of the UK’s leading disruptive wellness communities. Following her own personal struggles, Chloe decided to leave her job and embark on a journey of self healing which entailed letting go of toxic relationships, quitting unhealthy habits and travelling the world, to name a few. “Everything broke down but it gave me a sense of purpose”, she says. Yet it was through this experience that she discovered that there was something vital missing when it came to mental health and self-care.

On a new sort of wellness community 
While the wellness industry has rocketed over the last few years, it still lacks diversity. In the US alone, Black women are 1.8 times more likely to report feeling sad and have a life expectancy that is three years shorter than white women. Commodified and represented mostly by white thin women, Chloe was inspired to create a community owned, safe space for people who have been othered in the wellness industry: “I was trying to create a sense of togetherness without barriers,” she says. What ensued was thy.self which has become a successful wellness movement for women predominantly, but from all walks of life and also consults with brands to help them shape campaigns that will resonate and reach their real target audience mindfully, including those often forgotten in campaign management.

Chloe Pierre (2022)

On men needing wellness, too
Chloe’s next move? Broadening thy.self’s reach with the creation of thy.self Men, which Chloe says will help men live in their truth and get help for their mental health. Often shrouded in shame, men are often silent sufferers of mental health problems with 81% of men hiding their problems from their nearest and dearest with 74% reporting that they haven’t received help they’ve needed so far this year. “I was trying to create a sense of togetherness without barriers,” says Chloe.

On wellness being one big misunderstanding
From bathscaping to Run Wild Retreats, the world of wellness seems nothing less than relaxing, however they often give an “idealistic view of self-care”, says Pierre and that perpetuates the feeling of ‘otherness’ even more. Pair that with misinformation surrounding self-care rituals and we have something that is being shown to only be applicable to thin white women. Hence why Pierre has built her brand to create a balanced space which encapsulates all cultures and communities. Another misconception that is a barrier to entry when it comes to wellness is the idea that it has to be pricey to be effective which only highlights the need to showcase the more affordable and accessible services available. Meditation apps and mood tracking apps, as well as platforms like TikTok are becoming go-to resources, helping people find peace of mind.

Chloe Pierre (2022)

On giving advice to her younger self
As the saying goes ‘we live and we learn’, so we asked Pierre for her advice on how we can self-actualize, and become the best version of ourselves:
- “Remember that your opinion matters and you don’t need anyone to validate them”
- "If you don’t feel accepted where you are and want to have confidence internally, realise that you are not the only one feeling like this. Find your tribe and this will help to build your confidence.”
- “If you don’t find what you’re looking for - create it yourself and build that community”

Buy Chloe Pierre’s new book: Take Care: The Black Women’s Guide to Wellness

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