Oct 20, 2021Wes Anderson carriage entices luxury travellers

As travellers seek out something more special for their staycations, luxury travel specialist Belmond is bringing the stylistic magic of Wes Anderson to their journeys. The creative collaboration shows how Belmond is looking for new and inspiring ways to delight its customers.

Ellie Barber

Belmond has enlisted film director Wes Anderson to redesign a 1950s carriage, part of its British Pullman train. Passengers can travel in the bespoke carriage, Cygnus, on day dining excursions setting off from London Victoria station. The carriage design combines the old-school glamour of Belmond’s luxury train travel with Anderson’s symmetry, colour palette, and attention to detail. The collaboration is fitting, given Anderson's strong aesthetic signature as well as the use of trains in many of his films. “It is our mission to keep travel dreams alive by collaborating with the most creative talents who share our passion for design and craftsmanship,” says Arnaud Champenois, Belmond senior vice-president of brand and marketing,

As people return to more regular travel and trips, those whose plans were interrupted by the pandemic are looking to splash out – indeed, 61% of travellers across several markets including the UK say they're planning to spend more than they normally would on a trip in 2021. This creates a desire for elevated travel experiences for people to treat themselves to. Belmond’s collaboration with Wes Anderson is a way of attracting a new and wider audience. With people looking for novel and inspiring experiences, brands are creating unexpected travel moments, such as Virgin’s updated cruises. Also tapping into the desire for staycations, KFC’s Colonel Sanders-inspired hotel based in Shoreditch, London offers a new experience for dedicated fans.

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