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As COVID-19 brings hand hygiene to the fore, cleanliness is poised to become part of people’s self-care routines for good. We explore the insights behind this and how UK brand The Palm of Feronia is playing into this shift by launching a hand-cleansing spray made with natural crystals that promote renewal and purification.

The Palm of Feronia is catering to the needs of wellness shoppers during the COVID-19 outbreak by releasing a Peridot Hand Cleansing Spray, which contains 60% alcohol as well as crystals and oils. The spray features naturally antiseptic rosemary and eucalyptus, as well as tea tree and lavender.

Intended to help people cleanse and relax, the product also contains elements from peridot, aventurine, and blue lace agate. The brand claims that peridot offers healing, renewal, and purification and resolves feelings of resentment, while aventurine increases empathy and compassion, and blue lace agate promotes harmony and unity. All profits from the sale of the cleansing spray will go towards charities helping people through the COVID-19 outbreak, such as the Salvation Army.  

As hand hygiene habits shift, brands can respond by reframing cleansing items as wellness luxuries
Palm of Feronia (2020) ©
The COVID-19 outbreak is having a massive impact on people’s daily lives and habits, both large and small. Hand-washing, known to help stem the spread of the virus, was actively promoted through a series of campaigns at the beginning of the outbreak, leading to 58% of UK and US consumers washing their hands more frequently. 

But while soaps and sanitisers have become must-have items, their drying effects are wreaking havoc on people’s skin - and they’re likely to seek out products designed to care for their hands. As people’s hand hygiene habits shift - a behaviour that could well last even after the outbreak - beauty brands can respond by reframing cleansing products as wellness luxuries.

Isabel Evans is a junior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. Fascinated by how and why people do things, she has an MSc in cognitive and decision sciences from UCL. You can often find her drinking endless coffees, running around Regent’s Park, or delving into a book.


08 Apr 20
2 min read

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