Viewpoint Snapshot
Revealing emerging trends to help brands raise and establish their profile
What is it?

Focusing on a specific sector, market, or audience, public-facing Viewpoint Snapshots are designed to cut through and engage audiences, helping brands raise their profile and establish their cultural expertise.

Each snapshot will highlight and unpack five thought-provoking cultural shifts. Deliverables are editorial in style, insightful, and topical, with authoritative expert insights and quotes peppered throughout.

Starting cost£13,560, includes 1x thought leader interview in an English speaking market
Min. turnaround4 weeks, including 1 week lead time
What is it?
Viewpoint SnapshotThe How?

Desk Research and Literature Review:

Researching the Canvas8 Library and secondary sources such as news articles, books, and opinion pieces.

Expert + Tastemaker Interviews:

An interview with a thought leader or tastemaker to quickly synthesise decades of research, knowledge, and experience, adding authority to the insights and reporting.

Thematic Clustering:

An approach that surfaces the most important and prevalent themes from social research.

Trend Themes:

Descriptive summaries of emerging cultural trends, unpacking the key shifts bubbling up in culture.

White Paper:

An engaging, authoritative report, synthesising research and analysis into an accessible read. These deliverables demonstrate credibility and support thought leadership.

Presentation Deck (optional):

A highly visual, thought-provoking deck and presenter notes, designed for in-person delivery.

Webinar (optional):

A digital video presentation, seminar, or workshop that’s hosted/moderated by Canvas8 to share the ideas and insights in an interactive format.

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