Trend Snapshot
Inspire and inform your strategies with the latest cultural trends
What is it?

Trend Snapshots are snappy, tactical explorations of trends impacting an audience, market, or sector. They equip teams with an authoritative perspective from a trusted partner to help get them up to speed quickly. Each Snapshot is designed to inspire, inform, and align strategic decision-making by pulling back the curtain on key shifts in culture and behaviour.

Each Snapshot will highlight and unpack five thought-provoking cultural and behavioural shifts. Deliverables are editorial in style, insightful, and topical, with authoritative expert insights and quotes peppered throughout.

Starting cost£13,560 including 1x thought leader Interview in an English speaking market
Min. turnaround4 weeks, including 1 week lead time
What is it?
Trend SnapshotThe How?

Desk Research and Literature Review:

Researching the Canvas8 Library and secondary sources such as news articles, books, and opinion pieces.

Expert + Tastemaker Interviews:

An interview with a thought leader or tastemaker to quickly synthesise decades of research, knowledge, and experience, adding authority to the insights and reporting.

Thematic Clustering:

An approach that surfaces the most important and prevalent themes from social research.

Trend Themes:

Descriptive summaries of emerging cultural trends, unpacking the key shifts bubbling up in culture.

White Paper:

An engaging, authoritative report, synthesising research and analysis into an accessible read. These deliverables demonstrate credibility and support thought leadership.

Presentation Deck (optional):

A highly visual, thought-provoking deck and presenter notes designed for in-person delivery.

Webinar (optional):

A digital video presentation, seminar, or workshop that’s hosted/moderated by Canvas8 to share the ideas and insights in an interactive format.

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