Media Snapshot
An in-depth view of media behaviours
What is it?

Media Snapshots build a map of media behaviours – supporting strategies to reach people on the right channels and platforms in exactly the right moments.

The snapshots uncover:

/ A ‘media use’ timeline for audiences, revealing common routines

/ The most popular and frequently-used channels, platforms, and devices

/ Media consumption insights across physical and digital media

/ The platforms most likely to influence attitudes and behaviours

/ Differences between demographics and audience subsets

Media Snapshots are produced from a proprietary 12-minute survey. The multiple-choice responses will be tailored to your brand and industry, with two bespoke questions.

It's great for media planning.

Starting cost£19, 661 for n = 1,000 general population in 1x English speaking market
Min. turnaround4 weeks, including 1 week lead time
What is it?
Media SnapshotThe How?

Desk Research:

Researching the Canvas8 Library and secondary sources such as news articles, books, opinion pieces, peer-reviewed studies, white papers, reports, and social media.

Media Landscape Survey:

An online survey of a targeted sample, covering niche audiences, specific demographics, or at a nationally representative level – exploring media attitudes and behaviours across various platforms, channels, and formats.

Thematic Clustering:

An approach that surfaces the most important and prevalent themes from social research.

Strategic Playbook:

A synthesis of concise and action-oriented findings

Executive Summary:

An executive-level 15- to 30-slide deck to communicate the most important findings from the project.

Raw Data:

Quantitative data from the research delivered in tables. Raw data can be provided in a flat file (e.g. CSV or Excel) or SPSS.

Download the one-pager to share with your teamMedia Snapshot guide