Brand Resonance Snapshot
Learn how your brand is connecting with audiences
What is it?

A survey that can be rapidly deployed to understand current levels of brand resonance and salience versus that of competitors. Brands can use learnings to focus strategic planning and comms initiatives for greater impact.

The snapshots uncover:

/ Where and why a disconnect with your brand may be occurring

/ How people see themselves versus how they see the brand

/ A breakdown of performance across: Awareness, Differentiation, Emotional Connection, and Loyalty – useful for focusing strategic efforts and spend

Brand Resonance Snapshots are produced from a proprietary 12-minute survey. The multiple choice responses will be tailored to your brand and industry, with two bespoke questions.

Starting cost£19, 661 for n = 1,000 general population in 1x English speaking market
Min. turnaround4 weeks, including 1 week lead time
What is it?
Brand Resonance SnapshotThe How?

Desk Research:

Researching the Canvas8 Library and secondary sources such as news articles, news articles, books, opinion pieces, peer-reviewed studies, white papers, reports and social media.

Media Landscape Survey:

An online survey of a targeted sample, covering niche audiences, specific demographics, or at a nationally representative level - exploring media attitudes and behaviours across various platforms, channels and formats.

Thematic Clustering:

An approach that surfaces the most important and prevalent themes from social research.

Strategic Playbook:

A synthesis of concise and action-oriented findings

Executive Summary:

An executive-level 15- to 30-slide deck to communicate the most important findings from the project.

Raw Data:

Quantitative data from the research delivered in tables. Raw data can be provided in a flat file (e.g. CSV or Excel) or SPSS.

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