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  • Workers in the US are reevaluating their careers
  • Workers in the US are reevaluating their careers
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Workers in the US are reevaluating their careers

The pandemic has driven many people to reevaluate what they want in life and for almost one in two Americans, it seems that work just isn’t working for them. Amid the ‘Great Resignation’, research from Gallup suggests that managers are key to retaining, engaging, and inspiring employees.



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    Why the gig economy doesn’t work for Gens Z and Y

    The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the precarious nature of gig-based work, especially for Gen Zers and Yers. With young people facing dim career prospects amid an economic downturn, how can businesses within the gig economy evolve to acknowledge their reconfigured needs and values?

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    Naeema Pasha on the evolving future of work

    Successful vaccine rollouts may signal a return to offices in 2021, but given the pandemic’s drastic impact on people’s values and attitudes, what will they expect from employers going forwards? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Naeema Pasha of the Henley Business School about the future of work.

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    Beyond Thank You: making employees feel cared for

    With more people working from home than ever before, teams are feeling distant and disjointed, which can make employees feel unnoticed and undervalued. Beyond Thank You wants to help companies show their remote workers that they’re just as important at home as they were in the office.

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    R/Unemployment: alt support for professionals

    In the US, the pandemic and accompanying recession have put millions out of work. Faced with a convoluted benefits application system, the hardship of unemployment, and growing self-reliance, laid-off workers are turning to online communities for crowdsourced support.