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  • Life expectancy of Americans falls by 1.5 years
  • Life expectancy of Americans falls by 1.5 years
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Life expectancy of Americans falls by 1.5 years

The health challenges created by COVID-19, alongside a rise in drug overdoses and homicides, have resulted in the biggest drop in life expectancy in America since World War II, with  Black and Hispanic Americans experiencing the biggest impact on their life expectancy.



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    How COVID-19 is revealing the Latinx healthcare gap

    COVID-19 hit America’s Latinx population hard, and despite being one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups, they’ve been underrepresented in both clinical trials and rollout campaigns for the vaccine. So, how can brands in the pharma/healthcare space better accommodate these audiences?

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    What makes Americans trust new health treatments?

    Getting a vaccine may seem like the easiest choice in the world for some, but for others, a constellation of motivations and fears serves as barriers to accepting medical interference. Canvas8 polled 1,000 Americans and spoke to ten people to find out where they turn for trusted medical information.

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    Out-of-Pocket: humor in healthcare

    What better than a full-fledged pandemic to reveal the thorny nature of American healthcare? Armed with memes, quippy remarks, and an informal tone, online newsletter Out-of-Pocket breaks down a different issue each week in order to inform – but never overwhelm – its readers.

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    2021 Expert Outlook on Health and Fitness

    Will menopausal women get the personalised care they need? Might fitness fans embrace recovery? Could the power of collective responsibility outlast the pandemic? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how individualised care can make people more resilient.