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  • The creator economy evolves how people see gig work
  • The creator economy evolves how people see gig work
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The creator economy evolves how people see gig work

The creator economy has come to indicate a variety of next-generation platforms that aim to compensate creators directly, rather than relying on social ad revenue. But with only top creators reaping rewards, people are wary of how these platforms might bring the gig economy to creative work.



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    Why the gig economy doesn’t work for Gens Z and Y

    The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the precarious nature of gig-based work, especially for Gen Zers and Yers. With young people facing dim career prospects amid an economic downturn, how can businesses within the gig economy evolve to acknowledge their reconfigured needs and values?

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    Careers Sector Snapshot: May 2021

    Why are people turning their hobbies into livelihoods? How is edtech giving learners more autonomy? What’s driving Gen Zers to create new career ecosystems from the ground up? And why are hybrid workers calling for increased emotional intelligence from their employers?

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    Has the pandemic changed Americans’ career prospects?

    The pandemic has reshaped the way people think about work. They’re moving away from jobs that don’t allow them time for themselves, their family, and hobbies, and instead to ones they’re passionate about. Canvas8 spoke to eight Americans about how the pandemic has changed their career values.

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    Naeema Pasha on the evolving future of work

    Successful vaccine rollouts may signal a return to offices in 2021, but given the pandemic’s drastic impact on people’s values and attitudes, what will they expect from employers going forwards? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Naeema Pasha of the Henley Business School about the future of work.