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  • Messaging apps set to shape the future of e-commerce
  • Messaging apps set to shape the future of e-commerce
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Messaging apps set to shape the future of e-commerce

Messaging, mostly an intimate and private form of communication, is being used by brands to connect with their consumers. As people spend more time on messaging apps than ever, c-commerce is set to grow in importance as a touchpoint between people and brands.



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    Soul Machines: AI baking with Nestlé’s cookie coach

    The pandemic has pushed tech front and center and people's lives have become more digital and contactless than ever. Soul Machines creates hyper-human AI avatars to offer people friendship and mentorship, representing the next era of digital companionship and coaching.

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    Trust an AI? The science of the ‘word-of-machine’ effect

    Algorithms have become central to discovering new music and products online – but are machine-led recommendations always welcome? Canvas8 spoke to Chiara Longoni, an assistant professor at Boston University, to understand how people’s goals impact their willingness to trust AI.

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    Klarna Livestyle: QVC-style shopping returns

    Global ‘buy now, pay later’ platform Klarna has launched Livestyle, a digital fashion show experience that blends live entertainment and social shopping. As young shoppers seek out new and more sustainable ways to engage with fashion, etailtainment could be the future of e-commerce.

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    Is social shopping the future of e-commerce in China?

    China may be returning to a state of ‘normality’ following COVID-19, but after spending months in lockdown, certain crisis-time consumer habits seem to be sticking around – one of the most visible being a mass shift to e-commerce. So, how do people want to browse and buy online post-pandemic?