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  • Bumble’s cafe helps build brand loyalty IRL
  • Bumble’s cafe helps build brand loyalty IRL
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Bumble’s cafe helps build brand loyalty IRL

Bumble will open its first outpost in New York City in the form of an all-day eatery. As businesses start to open up, and New Yorkers put down their screens in favor of going out, having a physical presence is one way for this online brand to build brand loyalty in the real world.



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    Shopping Sector Snapshot: June 2021

    How are expectations for super-convenient shopping and delivery clashing with worries about the gig economy? Why do Gen Zers want immersive shopping experiences? What has the pandemic meant for self-gifting? And how do people expect brands to give back to local communities?

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    How is AR changing retail experiences?

    Technology has become central to shopping as COVID-19 has led people to seek out touch-free experiences. But how will augmented reality fit into the future retail landscape? How can it bridge the gap between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar to deliver convenience, safety, and a personal touch?

  • Omnichannel retail takes off in China’s Hainan airport

    Omnichannel retail takes off in China’s Hainan airport

    Lancôme has launched a retail takeover in Hainan airport’s duty-free retail space. Blending physical and digital retail, the campaign taps into the rise of skincare, adapting traditional airport retail to be hygienic without compromising on experiential value for travelling shoppers.

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    Amazon Treasure Truck: digital deals in IRL spaces

    Amazon’s success has been built upon product accessibility rather than exclusivity, letting people buy almost anything in just a few clicks. But with the Treasure Truck, the retail giant is embracing the unique rush that IRL shopping can bring, offering limited edition deals in shifting locations.