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  • Separation anxiety kicks in as parents return to work
  • Separation anxiety kicks in as parents return to work
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Separation anxiety kicks in as parents return to work

After spending more than a year at home with the kids, it's time for parents to return to the office. But for some, the prospect of missing out on key stages of their children's development is too much to bear. Worrying that bonds will be lost, family separation anxiety is kicking in.



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    Spotlight on: Parenting

    Having navigated through a pandemic, what do parents need now? In this Spotlight on Parenting, we explore what mothers and fathers are prioritising as they try to carve out a ‘new normal’ and consider how brands can make sure they are helping and not adding to the pressure.

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    How has lockdown impacted British parents?

    Many parents have found juggling priorities during the pandemic a challenge, and while tech has helped balance work, childcare, and household duties, the combined strain has added up. What are the long-term implications of lockdown on parents, and how can brands respond?

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    Has the pandemic changed Britons’ outlook on careers?

    COVID-19 made Britons reevaluate what they considered to be important in life, and for many, establishing a healthy work-life balance has become a priority. Canvas8 spoke to eight people from across the UK to learn how they’re planning to adapt their careers in the wake of the pandemic.

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    Why Gen X dads are moving past the ‘provider’ narrative

    Due to the new reality of WFH during a pandemic and a growing desire for deeper connections with their kids, Gen Xers are redefining the concept of fatherhood. But while they’re pushing for change, representations remain outdated. So, how do Gen X men relate to traditional family structures?