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  • Adidas launches period-proof activewear
  • Adidas launches period-proof activewear
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Adidas launches period-proof activewear

Exercising while menstruating can be an uncomfortable experience yet it's rarely discussed or tackled. With the launch of period-proof activewear, Adidas is hoping to make menstruation less of a barrier to exercise, fulfilling a demand for more adaptive sanitary products.



  • Midol tackles period shame with #NoApologies campaign

    Midol tackles period shame with #NoApologies campaign

    Despite steps being taken to destigmatize periods, people still often experience embarrassment when they menstruate. Midol has launched a campaign to shed a light on the toxic culture of period apologies. Its goal is to boost self-confidence and further the period positivity movement.

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    Daye: tampons for a greener period

    As the green wave in shopping continues, people are reevaluating their everyday basics and looking to make eco-minded switches. This includes menstrual products, with the brand Daye offering ethical alternatives that prioritise transparency and sustainability for people who menstruate.

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    Glorious: connecting sport and culture

    A subscription-based platform catering to those interested in women’s sport, Glorious is exploring all aspects of female athleticism, with a high production value and content that spans niche and popular interests. It’s tapping into a seldom-served part of the market: lovers of women’s sport.

  • UK girls shun sport due to menstrual discomfort

    UK girls shun sport due to menstrual discomfort

    A study has found that two-fifths of British and Irish schoolgirls drop out of sports due to physical, and social, discomfort surrounding puberty. The stigma surrounding periods, attributed to a lack of communication, is one of the factors preventing girls from feeling comfortable enough to exercise.