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  • ‘Sexy crochet’ puts a domestic spin on fashion
  • ‘Sexy crochet’ puts a domestic spin on fashion
    Lou de Bètoly (2021) ©

‘Sexy crochet’ puts a domestic spin on fashion

As people get ready for a summer of socialising, the rise of quarantine domesticity is making its mark on fashion. With craft activities gaining steam, and with people embracing new interpretations of ‘sexiness’, crochet is having a moment, giving rise to a post-lockdown ‘homely sexy’ trend. 



  • Mugler bends the gender of form-fitting fashion

    Mugler bends the gender of form-fitting fashion

    'Androgynous' fashion often tends toward body-concealing, but the Mugler catsuit has shaken up expectations of gender-neutral garms. Worn by stars from Yseult to Hunter Schaffer, the catsuit demonstrates how even traditionally 'gendered' silhouettes are ripe for remixing into a more inclusive future.

  • Mood Lifters

    Mood Lifters

    Sweatpants and slippers reigned supreme in the early stages of the pandemic as people enjoyed the laid-back novelty of working from home. But as time goes on, athleisure apathy has set in. People are seeing the emotional and psychological benefit of getting dressed, and as they look to boost their mood through clothes, quality comes before quantity.

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    How the pandemic is moving US style past hatewear

    Amid shelter-in-place orders, sweatpants are becoming a stalwart of our remote-working style, and dressing down is the new dressing up. Canvas8 spoke to seven people from across the US to find out how the pandemic has changed their sense of fashion and how that’s making them feel.

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    Kimberly Jenkins on where fashion and power intersect

    The fashion industry has a long history of reinforcing a limited, Western, and overwhelmingly White vision of what constitutes attractive and appropriate clothing and styles. Canvas8 spoke to Kimberly Jenkins to find out how brands can help to shape a more inclusive fashion landscape.