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  • Functional ‘proffee’ blends protein and caffeine
  • Functional ‘proffee’ blends protein and caffeine
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Functional ‘proffee’ blends protein and caffeine

Hot on the heels of dalgona coffee, there’s another coffee trend taking over TikTok. Proffee, a blend of coffee and protein, is attracting the attention of fitness fanatics who want a low-effort energizing boost – but experts warn that it’s not necessarily the wonder drink it claims to be.



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    Why are people keen to exercise under lockdown?

    Zoom dance classes, living room yoga, and hour-long walks have become common activities during COVID-19 lockdown. But how much are people really focusing on fitness? Canvas8 spoke to 16 people to find out how their attitudes towards exercise have changed as a result of the pandemic.

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    Ancient Nutrition: a simple take on traditional protein

    As trust in the pharmaceutical industry declines in America, the demand for preventative health products is booming. Ancient Nutrition is cleaning up in the supplements segment, offering bone broth protein and collagen powders that support a healthy gut, skin, and joints.

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    Huel: quick and complete nutrition for biohackers

    Relentless work schedules, family obligations, and stacked social calendars mean that two-thirds of Britons avoid cooking a meal for themselves every day. Created in response to these pressures, Huel has the potential to change the way we eat with a nutritionally complete food replacement formula.

  • Arla's Protein Water offers an everyday health boost

    Arla's Protein Water offers an everyday health boost

    Danish dairy group Arla has been offering protein-packed yogurts and milk-based drinks since 2015. Targeting mainstream customers wanting a healthier lifestyle, it has launched Protein Water for those who are wary of dairy and want an even healthier alternative to its usual products.