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  • Osaka stirs generational mental health divide
  • Osaka stirs generational mental health divide
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Osaka stirs generational mental health divide

Tennis star Naomi Osaka’s exit from the French Open in the wake of a public disagreement over her press duties has re-ignited public discourse over mental health and the obligations of sports stars. The generational divide in reactions reflects a divide in beliefs about mental health.



  • #DepressionMeals promote mental health candour

    #DepressionMeals promote mental health candour

    Facebook group Depression Meals: Gone Wild is spotlighting the sad and often bizarre meals people resort to when they’re feeling low – things like cheese string and hot dog risotto. Eager to escape the pressures of the perfect 'Instagrammable' life, people are getting candid online about mental health.

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    Why TikTok is a safe space for Gen Z’s mental health

    As COVID-19 increased the prevalence of mental health issues across the UK, support services – which were already under strain pre-pandemic – were stretched to their limits. How has TikTok helped Gen Z maintain their wellbeing during the crisis? And how can it supplement clinical care?

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    Sick Sad Girlz Club: uniting women with chronic diseases

    The Instagram account @SickSadGirlz was launched with one aim: to give a voice to sick or sad women around the world, often telling the stories of those with invisible illnesses. It's an example of how social media has transformed the way individuals can connect and seek support.

  • Influential athletes share WHO health advice with fans

    Influential athletes share WHO health advice with fans

    Sports icon Stephen Curry is using his social media following and influence to spread WHO-endorsed health information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Younger generations look up to athletes, who are using their fame as platforms to disseminate accurate information.