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  • Hacktivists house censored texts in 'Minecraft' library
  • Hacktivists house censored texts in 'Minecraft' library
    Reporters Without Borders (2020) ©

Hacktivists house censored texts in 'Minecraft' library

The world of Minecraft can seem limitless – with people creating mind-bending fantasy worlds. Reporters Without Borders has taken to the free-form virtual world to construct a massive online library – filling it with banned texts in hopes of dodging firewalls and censorious regimes.



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    What’s the future for the ‘splinternet’?

    People’s experiences of the web have long varied, with connection speeds, social media preferences, and differing levels of tech literacy all affecting the ways they browse. But how might rising digital inequalities and geo-political tensions cause the online landscape to splinter even further?

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    Party at Mine(craft?): how kids are communicating now

    The way children communicate with their peers, family, and teachers has shifted dramatically thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But what are the long-term implications for how they socialise, learn, and play? And how are parents and brands mitigating fears around safety and screen addiction?

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    What does escapism look like in a pandemic?

    With people spending more time at home, they’re turning to entertainment to break the monotony of the everyday and channel their anxiety into something more hands-on. But can escapism really help people feel more empowered? And how do they want brands to speak to them during a pandemic?

  • Minecrafters on lockdown unite to build a digital earth

    Minecrafters on lockdown unite to build a digital earth

    A Minecraft player has brought thousands of gamers together to build a virtual Earth. The project allows those involved to feel some control during the COVID-19 crisis, all the while encouraging a sense of togetherness and solidarity amid widespread physical isolation.