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  • Screen-fatigued teens are soaking up ‘airport culture’
  • Screen-fatigued teens are soaking up ‘airport culture’
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Screen-fatigued teens are soaking up ‘airport culture’

Travellers tend to see airports as a place to get in and get out – but not Gen Zers. Ambivalent about drinking, starved of person-to-person contact, and eager for safe spaces to be themselves, teens are increasingly going to airport terminals just to hang out and meet new people.



  • Locked-down Gen Zers revive the art of rollerskating

    Locked-down Gen Zers revive the art of rollerskating

    As roads emptied due to lockdown and school and exercise classes alike were called off, a retro pastime has emerged as a lockdown favorite. Gen Zers have taken to rollerskating as a low-stakes, high-reward hobby, escaping from pandemic realities with some four-wheeled joy. 

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    2020 Generational Snapshot of Gen Z

    How are young people balancing their bleak world-view with a distinct sense of humour? Why do values-led Zers sometimes shop unethically? What steps are they taking to safeguard their increased usage of tech? And how will their attitudes to health be shaped by COVID-19?

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    What’s a perfect night out for young Britons?

    It’s no secret that Gen Zers are turning teenage norms on their heads. A cohort less preoccupied with drinking than those before them, venues are having to adapt to survive in a new nightlife era. How can these public spaces transform to turn this group of club-shunners into club-goers?

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    What’s the future of Gen Z travel?

    Savvy when it comes to social media and sustainability, Gen Zers thrive on worldly experiences. Their work lives are a means to save for travel and they’re more spontaneous than previous generations. How can brands tap this adventure-hungry mindset as they grow up globetrotting?