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  • Peanut baby snack can help prevent allergies
  • Peanut baby snack can help prevent allergies
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Peanut baby snack can help prevent allergies

Studies have found that, for many children, introducing peanuts into their diet as a baby can massively reduce the risk of them developing an allergy to them. Mission MightyMe snacks are designed to make it easy for parents to feed their kids peanuts safely and often, to improve their future health.



  • Partake offers allergen-free comfort-snacking

    Partake offers allergen-free comfort-snacking

    The pandemic has seen growth in snacking as people seek out comfort and nostalgia through food in turbulent times. But for those with allergies, indulgent snacks are few and far between, something Partake is hoping to change with its allergy-free soft-baked cookies and baking mixes.

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    How do food brands help people to manage allergies?

    Allergies have doubled in children in the past 10 years, but our understanding of them remains incomplete, and the food and restaurant industries have been slow to react to this growing demographic. What does it mean to have allergies today? And how are brands adapting to this growing subset of society?