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  • Beauty brands are wising up to anti-ageing backlash
  • Beauty brands are wising up to anti-ageing backlash
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Beauty brands are wising up to anti-ageing backlash

The beauty industry has undergone considerable change since the mid-2010s, moving away from a polished towards a more realistic and inclusive image. And with older women seeking better representation, there’s a gradual shift away from ‘anti-ageing’ messaging and toward ‘pro-ageing’.



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    2021 Expert Outlook on Beauty

    Have indie brands killed off the beauty influencer? Are self-cleaning products the future? Has lockdown home-pampering shaped skincare routines for good? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are seeking new forms of comfort from their beauty routines.

  • Lack of menopause info leaves women unprepared

    Lack of menopause info leaves women unprepared

    Menopause. Perimenopause. Most people have heard the words but how many really know what they mean? Despite the fact that it’s an almost-universal experience for women, no one really talks about it, and as a result, nearly half of women feel unprepared for this chapter in their lives.

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    Better Not Younger: haircare for over-45 women

    Catering to middle-aged and older women, Better Not Younger’s approach to haircare has cemented them as the leaders in “gray” beauty. Historically overlooked, brands are stepping up to offer female Gen Xers, Boomers, and Seniors what they want: representation and products that work.

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    What do menopausal women want from beauty brands?

    All sorts of stigmas are being broken in today's beauty industry, but the needs of menopausal women are often ignored. Absent in ads and lacking products for their changing skin and hair, these women are now pushing brands to step up and address this ‘last taboo’ without any sugar-coating.