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  • Indians reconnect with holidays closer to home
  • Indians reconnect with holidays closer to home
    Soumik Mondal (2019) ©

Indians reconnect with holidays closer to home

With restrictions easing but international travel still off the cards, staycations are filling the gap for travel-seekers in India. Revisiting local destinations, people are leaning in to the comfort of the known – pointing to a desire for holidays that offer a familiar escape.



  • Article image HipCamp: new pleasure is local leisure

    The pandemic has left the travel industry shellshocked and travelers unsure when they can travel again. HipCamp offers people the opportunity to stay anywhere from a cabin in the woods to unused farmland, offering the dose of nature they crave and helping hosts stay afloat in tough times.

  • Article image Are Indians ‘vocal for local’?

    Since he was elected as Indian PM, Narendra Modi has championed a home-grown economy that relies on domestic manufacturing and brands. But are citizens interested in buying local? How do personal aspirations, quality concerns, and budgets impact Indians’ shopping habits?

  • Article image Stay Small, Stay Safe: Luxury Stays amid a pandemic

    Lockdown has left people desperate to escape and get away for a holiday, but many lack the confidence to take the plunge and book something. Stay Small, Stay Safe’s campaign is stressing their pandemic protection processes to win guest trust and keep them safe.

  • Comfort-seeking Indians embrace easy takeaway Comfort-seeking Indians embrace easy takeaway

    With unreliable access to groceries, Indians have embraced takeaway during the pandemic, a habit that looks set to stick. But as people weigh up the cost of home-cooking vs. delivery, there’s room for brands to prove their worth by leaning into convenience and tailoring to taste preferences.