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  • Partake offers allergen-free comfort-snacking
  • Partake offers allergen-free comfort-snacking
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Partake offers allergen-free comfort-snacking

The pandemic has seen growth in snacking as people seek out comfort and nostalgia through food in turbulent times. But for those with allergies, indulgent snacks are few and far between, something Partake is hoping to change with its allergy-free soft-baked cookies and baking mixes.



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    Eclipse Foods: plant-based dairy for mylk cynics

    With almond, soy, oat, and even pea milk saturating supermarkets, could dairy’s obsolescence be on the horizon? Taking cues from the success of hyper-real plant-based meat alternatives, Eclipse Foods has entered the dairy wars with an alt-milk that tastes even better than the original.

  • French people seek healthy yet indulgent snacks

    French people seek healthy yet indulgent snacks

    With the stigma around snacking falling away in France, people are munching more regularly around busy schedules. But the country’s gourmand reputation is extending to the snack market as consumers look for both healthy and indulgent foods they can enjoy between meals.

  • Health conscious Britons are not buying bread

    Health conscious Britons are not buying bread

    As interest in gluten-free and low-carb lifestyles increase, British supermarket bread aisles are being avoided, and sales of sliced loaves have slumped. With new healthy alternatives entering the market, traditional brands are having to innovate with different grains and price-points.

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    How do food brands help people to manage allergies?

    Allergies have doubled in children in the past 10 years, but our understanding of them remains incomplete, and the food and restaurant industries have been slow to react to this growing demographic. What does it mean to have allergies today? And how are brands adapting to this growing subset of society?