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  • Entering 'flow state' while gaming boosts well-being
  • Entering 'flow state' while gaming boosts well-being
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Entering 'flow state' while gaming boosts well-being

Researchers have found that immersive activities like video games can help people enter states of flow, positively affecting mental health. And while coping with the pandemic has made many turn to mindfulness, unlikely activities like gaming are found to be as effective, if not more.



  • Article image Joe Donnelly on the mental health benefits of gaming

    Video games may conjure up imagery of ultra- fantasy but can these play a positive role in mental health? Canvas8 spoke to Joe Donnelly, author of Checkpoint: How Video Games Power Up Minds, Kick Ass, and Save Lives, to understand the benefits of gaming that transcend entertainment.

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    Combining gaming, community, and fitness, Zwift is a VR-enhanced cycling program that lets people sweat together from the safety of their own homes. As at-home fitness continues to gain traction, gamification is creating a new landscape of exercise built on fun and virtual interaction.

  • Article image One more episode? The science of binge-watching

    On the train, in the bath, even on the loo – streaming services let people consume TV whenever, wherever. But are we engaged as we race through a series in two or three sittings? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Sarah E. Erickson to understand how binge-watching is changing our relationship with media.

  • Most Americans lose sleep due to binge-watching Most Americans lose sleep due to binge-watching

    Binge-watching has become a cultural norm, with many people zipping through a series as soon as it drops – but it’s having an adverse effect on sleep, which could lead to health problems. As people wake up to the benefits of a good night's rest, they’ll likely seek out ways to reduce their screen time.