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  • Germany hails couch potatoes as pandemic heroes
  • Germany hails couch potatoes as pandemic heroes
    Die Bundesregierung (2020) ©

Germany hails couch potatoes as pandemic heroes

As the country struggles through a second wave of the coronavirus, the German government is calling on citizens to do what is expected of them: absolutely nothing. Parodying tropes of wartime discourse, the tongue-in-cheek campaign looks set to appeal to pandemic-fatigued Germans.



  • German ad shocks anti-maskers into heeding rules German ad shocks anti-maskers into heeding rules

    Berlin’s tourism authority has issued controversial ads around the city, using a shock tactic to get people to follow coronavirus safety measures. While the campaign certainly doesn’t mince its words, it has prompted debates around the effectiveness of provocative language to change behaviour.

  • Article image What part can humour play in ‘safety theatre’?

    There’s not been much to joke about in 2020, with a pandemic, protests against inequality, and a tense political atmosphere leaving many people anxious. But humour is a powerful coping mechanism, one that creates moments of collective calm. So, how can brands get people laughing again?

  • Article image What do people want from the media in anxious times?

    In the middle of a pandemic, Americans are scrambling to keep abreast of the headlines – and stay sane while doing so. How can people stay informed while maintaining their mental health? And what else, besides objective information, can the media offer to those stuck at home?

  • Article image LOL! The science of comedy in advertising

    Many brands recognise that evoking laughter is a sure-fire way to get people’s attention – but that’s easier said than done. Canvas8 spoke to Caleb Warren, a marketing professor at the University of Arizona, to learn about the difficulties of using humour in ads and how this impacts brand loyalty.