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  • Comfort snacking offers a 'lifeline' during pandemic
  • Comfort snacking offers a 'lifeline' during pandemic
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Comfort snacking offers a 'lifeline' during pandemic

When you consider the millions of people working from home, with a kitchen just steps away from their ‘office’, it’s no wonder that snacking went up in lockdown. In fact, more than half of people say snacking has been a ‘lifeline’ in 2020, offering bite-sized moments of comfort and joy.



  • Article image How stress is changing American tastebuds

    During the pandemic, people are turning to food for comfort and stress relief. We’re seeing a return to nostalgic favorites and also food as a medium for experience and discovery. So what does that mean for flavor?

  • Article image How snacking is stacking up in the US

    The pandemic has inflated opposite extremes of consumer attitudes towards snacking – in terms of health and excess – while exposing the need for a rethink towards product placement. What types of behaviors will dictate the new normal, and how should snack brands adapt?

  • Britons scale back on lockdown comfort meals Britons scale back on lockdown comfort meals

    At the start of lockdown, many Britons opted for comfort over convenience, with leisurely morning fry-ups making their way back to the breakfast table. But as anxiety and novelty wear off and health concerns gain traction, they’re looking to take stock of their waistlines and early-morning indulgences.

  • Article image Heinz To Home: D2C bundles to fill pandemic pantries

    Panic-buying at supermarkets has made it difficult for many people to get hold of the everyday goods they need. With traditional fulfilment channels stretched by COVID-19, Heinz is embracing a direct-to-consumer model to get its products into pantries with just a few clicks.