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  • Americans are experiencing sustained collective sadness
  • Americans are experiencing sustained collective sadness
    Joshua Rawson-Harris (2018) ©

Americans are experiencing sustained collective sadness

According to a study, the expression of positive emotions online has been in steady decline since 2015. As people have experienced the multiple crises of 2020, they're setting new records for the ways they talk about the collective experience of negative emotions.



  • Study finds e-therapy to be as effective as IRL help Study finds e-therapy to be as effective as IRL help

    A review of therapy interventions for depression has shown that electronic cognitive behavioural therapy is just as effective as face-to-face applications. As people explore remote healthcare options, technology continues to open up new treatment styles, especially in remote psychotherapy.

  • Article image Intellect: discreet mental health support

    As people around the world wrestle with the impact of COVID-19 on their mental health, therapy and helpful apps are being sought out by people looking for support. Tackling the stigma of open conversations about mental health, Intellect is a Singapore-based app pushing for positive change.

  • Article image How is COVID-19 set to impact emotional wellbeing?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly reconfigured the world as we know it – and a mental health crisis could be waiting in its aftermath. Canvas8 spoke to Staci K. Haines, the author of The Politics of Trauma, to understand how the outbreak is set to challenge and change our emotional wellbeing.

  • Article image Could apps solve America‚Äôs mental health crisis?

    With more than 44 million adults having a mental health condition and rates of depression and suicide on the rise among younger generations, America’s mental health crisis shows no sign of easing in the near future. How might mobile apps enable people to better manage their wellbeing?