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  • ‘Bossware’ employee-tracking tools threaten privacy
  • ‘Bossware’ employee-tracking tools threaten privacy
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‘Bossware’ employee-tracking tools threaten privacy

With remote-working leaving bosses unable to keep tabs on their employees, productivity-tracking software is on the rise. Dubbed 'bossware', these covert methods of surveillance can view things like login times, screenshots, and keystrokes, and they’re becoming a cause of concern for many.



  • Work perks shift amid changing expectations Work perks shift amid changing expectations

    While start-up perks may conjure images of unlimited vacation and beer on tap, COVID-19 has shone a light on the types of benefits people actually want from their workplaces. With people working from home and parents trying to multitask, there’s a growing demand for more inclusive perks.

  • Article image Another Zoom?! The science of virtual leadership

    Leading a team can be difficult at the best of times, and amid a mass uptake of remote working due to COVID-19, fresh challenges have emerged. Canvas8 spoke to Ina Purvanova, professor of leadership and management at Drake University, to learn the traits of a great virtual leader.

  • Article image Evermood: maximising mental health for employees

    As employers become more mindful of workplace wellbeing, they’re focusing on mental health by promoting open channels of communication. Helping to create a supportive environment is Evermood, a platform where employees can be anonymously candid about their work experiences.

  • More Americans take online privacy into own hands More Americans take online privacy into own hands

    In an age of data sharing and end-to-end encryption, privacy is a hot topic, and a report shows that people are taking their online privacy more seriously than before. Following several scandals and a drop in trust, people are increasingly relying on individual action rather than government regulation.