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  • Young Nigerians amplify voices through streetwear
  • Young Nigerians amplify voices through streetwear
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Young Nigerians amplify voices through streetwear

Known for their progressive attitudes and opposition to existing social and political structures, young Nigerians are expressing themselves through streetwear. A number of local brands are gaining cult followings through their use of social media, resulting in global recognition.



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    Why young Nigerians are rebelling against tradition

    Roughly 70% of Nigerians are under the age of 35, yet while they fuel the nation’s culture and economy, social values and legislative agendas are still, by and large, dictated by older generations. How are young people now pushing back against traditional attitudes and making their voices heard?

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    How are young people shaping Nigerian culture?

    As Nigeria’s economy fails to meet the needs of its rising youth population, Gen Yers and Zers are looking for ways to thrive in an unstable climate. Ditching traditional paths, many are pursuing their passions in fashion and entertainment and getting politically active to drive change.

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    Santi: the alternative sound of Lagos

    With roots in Africa’s largest city, Lagos, Afrobeats musicians are bringing Nigeria’s mainstream pop to a global audience. But artists such as Santi and his alté contemporaries are achieving acclaim for their underground alternatives. So, what does this mean for the Nigerian diaspora?

  • Nigeria hosts Africa’s first plus-sized fashion week

    Nigeria hosts Africa’s first plus-sized fashion week

    Nigeria has hosted Africa’s first Plus Size Fashion Week, looking to celebrate the diversity of the female figure and meet the huge demand for plus-size clothing. Brands globally are beginning to cater to all body types, and Nigeria's growing fashion scene is no different.