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  • Wall of Mom protestors redefine motherhood
  • Wall of Mom protestors redefine motherhood
    Wall of Moms Bay Area ©

Wall of Mom protestors redefine motherhood

A group of activists that call themselves Wall of Moms is protesting police brutality in Portland and across the US. In the context of a global pushback against primarily White, male models of leadership, Wall of Moms is reclaiming the maternal archetype as a symbol of strength and power.



  • Article image A-COLD-WALL*: activism in luxury menswear

    The BLM protests again highlighted fashion's failure on diversity. With people demanding acknowledgement, accountability and action from brands, staying silent is no longer an option. A-COLD-WALL*’s BLM initiative shows how luxury fashion can go hand in hand with activism.

  • Article image K-pop stans: mobilizing to right global wrongs

    Stans are passionate, and while they generally post about the object of their obsession, strong social media presence and large numbers mean they can mobilize to dominate social feeds. Showing the power of online community, they’re promoting BLM and quashing racism.

  • Article image Pull up or shut up: calling out industry racism

    In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement being reignited by the death of George Floyd, brands are taking to social media to express solidarity and support. But as people expect increased transparency and accountability from companies, they are being asked to ‘pull up or shut up’.

  • Article image Why anti-racism is the next standard for brand activism

    The death of George Floyd and ensuing protests saw companies worldwide attempt to address systemic racism in their messaging – though many faced a tide of consumer cynicism. Semiotics expert Chris Arning explains how brands can meaningfully show their commitment to anti-racist action.