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  • Omegle brings randomness to online socialising
  • Omegle brings randomness to online socialising
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Omegle brings randomness to online socialising

People are flocking to Omegle, a site that pairs users randomly for video and text chat. Even as modes of pandemic-friendly socialising are mastered, people are missing the random interactions of everyday life, and platforms like Omegle are recreating that element of chance.



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    Video calls may have helped to ease isolation during lockdown, but it’s not just humans that can provide a sense of connection. Canvas8 spoke to social psychologist Dr. Elaine Paravati Harrigan to understand how people are fulfilling social needs with or without others.

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  • Americans shell out for exclusive Zoom club nights Americans shell out for exclusive Zoom club nights

    Clubs across the US are live streaming events via Zoom and charging an entry fee, and people are buying in. With lockdown making people long for social interaction and a chance to let loose, they’re willing to pay for an exclusive experience, even if it’s not an in-person one.

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    Bored, anxious, and unable to leave home, Americans living under COVID-19 lockdown orders are eager for ways to pass the time. But what are the underlying behavioral drivers behind their surging interest in baking and cleaning? And how can brands support people adapting to 24/7 domestic life?