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  • Twitch streamers turn it into a hub of social activism
  • Twitch streamers turn it into a hub of social activism
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Twitch streamers turn it into a hub of social activism

As the Black Lives Matter protests move into their fourth week, on-the-ground journalists are using Twitch to livestream the events and fundraise. With the popular platform continuing to diversify outside of gaming, Twitch is set to be an increasingly vital part of any brand’s media strategy.



  • Online activism helps locked-down Russians protest Online activism helps locked-down Russians protest

    As protests continue to take hold across the US and the world, for some, fears around the continuing spread of COVID-19 are impacting their ability to partake in person. In Russia, people have been turning to navigation apps to engage in and amplify virtual activism while on lockdown.

  • Article image How are live music fans getting their gig fix at home?

    With the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to stay at home out of a sense of public responsibility, artists are having to cancel shows worldwide. How are live-streaming platforms filling the void, and could digital behaviours during the crisis create long-term changes in how people consume music?

  • Article image A Sector Snapshot of Communications: Feb 2020

    How are video-based platforms fostering closer digital connections? Are there any ways for brands to benefit from call-out culture? What’s got people flocking to niche social networks? And why are both gamers and non-gamers watching Twitch streams?

  • Article image Twitch: transcending games to become a community hub

    Twitch has established itself as the leading player in live gaming coverage, but it’s not the only thing drawing people back on a daily basis. As the platform’s content has diversified beyond esports, the interactions between streamers and viewers have made into a hub for community and discussion.