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  • People call out employers' inconsistent anti-racism
  • People call out employers' inconsistent anti-racism
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People call out employers' inconsistent anti-racism

Fashion and media employees are calling out their employers for their public pledges to support Black Lives Matter. As brands use social media to align with causes, they're facing more scrutiny than ever for their internal and external actions – and the sometimes-jarring disparity between the two.



  • Article image How call-out culture can make brands more authentic

    With social media giving everyone a voice and helping to raise awareness of corporate missteps, people are more critical of brands than ever. But ‘call-out culture’ doesn’t have to be a source of concern – it can be an opportunity to create authentic identities both reactively and proactively.

  • Article image UOMA: specialized care for diverse skin types

    "The Fenty Effect" has put pressure on established beauty brands to better cater to minority consumers – but true inclusivity means going beyond shade ranges. Recognizing that different types of skin require different types of care, UOMA Beauty’s products address diverse needs.

  • Article image How are beauty brands going beyond skin-deep?

    The beauty sector has evolved from an aspirational pursuit of perfection, to celebrating uniqueness and encompassing health and wellness. But as Gen Zers expect the products they buy to align with their values, beauty brands are having to go deeper below the surface to engage them.

  • /static-assets/media/images/behaviour/new-majorities-2019-thumbnail-dark.jpg New Majorities

    Despite significant advances in recent years, the world is still run by middle-aged white men – and minorities continue to be excluded from a seat at the table. However, years of activism have propelled the push for inclusivity into the mainstream, enabling conversations around diversity to mature and develop nuances. Against this backdrop, advocacy is taking on new meanings, with individuals and organisations expected to move beyond lip service and towards tangible, credible action.