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  • ‘Show Me My Home’ makes e-commerce more tangible
  • ‘Show Me My Home’ makes e-commerce more tangible
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‘Show Me My Home’ makes e-commerce more tangible

Trawling through pages and pages of home goods online can be more of a hassle than a convenience. Shaking up this model is Show Me My Home, an e-commerce concept from P&G that aims to bring the experiential elements of brick-and-mortar online to make it more intuitive.



  • Article image Shipt: online groceries for emergency shoppers

    Online grocery shopping has been slow to take off in the US, but with COVID-19, more people than ever are signing up for the service. Shipt offers same-day delivery from a variety of retailers, providing quick, clean, and convenient drop-offs at a time when it's never been more appealing.

  • Article image How will COVID-19 change Chinese shopping habits?

    As the world copes with the impact of COVID-19, shifts in Chinese buying habits offer an idea of how global spend will be affected. From the short-term impact to longer, more structural changes in shopping preferences, how can brands best position themselves within this changing landscape?

  • Taobao Life keeps shoppers entertained in lockdown Taobao Life keeps shoppers entertained in lockdown

    Taobao Life is injecting excitement into online shopping through avatar games as several cities in China remain in lockdown. With people across the country still limited to the confines of their home, they’re turning to virtual worlds to live out aspects of their lifestyles.

  • Article image Drest: gamifying haute couture fantasies

    As elements of our lives go increasingly online, luxury fashion is following suit – and leveraging its presence to tap into younger, more varied, and more global audiences. Bringing fashion fantasies to your fingertips, Drest offers users a grown-up, glamourous, haute-couture version of dress-up.