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  • Finance 'influencers' give tips online to ease anxiety
  • Finance 'influencers' give tips online to ease anxiety
    Mrs Dow Jones (2020) ©

Finance 'influencers' give tips online to ease anxiety

Instagrammer Mrs Dow Jones is helping Gen Yers and Zers wise up to their finances. With the global economy crashing and a recession likely imminent, people are wanting reassurance and actionable advice regarding their finances, and they're turning to relatable social media figures for help.



  • Article image How is ‘buy now, pay later’ impacting Gen Zers’ debt?

    Gen Yers and Zers are turning to payment services like Klarna, Afterpay, and Laybuy to help their wallets keep up with their shopping habits. But due to a lack of education regarding financial responsibility, how are these ‘buy now, pay later’ services impacting their financial futures?

  • Metro Bank makes saving money fun for Gen Alpha Metro Bank makes saving money fun for Gen Alpha

    A coin-counting facility called the ‘Magic Money Machine’ is being installed at Manchester Arndale, offering children prizes for saving up. Created by Metro Bank, it's hoped that the fun factor will incentivise Gen Alphas to engage in positive financial habits from a young age.

  • Article image How are Gen Yers planning for the future?

    When pay day rolls around, Gen Yers save a little – but spend a lot. Impulsive spending is a key (and at times problematic) element of their identity. But as this generation begins to look towards their future roles as homeowners, parents, and pensioners, how will their spending habits adapt?

  • Article image Aspiration: an ethical bank for values-led Gen Yers

    As Gen Yers enter their financial prime, brands across sectors are looking at ways to adapt their offerings to meet the ethical expectations of this cohort. Online-only challenger bank Aspiration is appealing to them by putting trust, transparency, and sustainability at the heart of its business.