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  • VR helps people immerse themselves in faith rituals
  • VR helps people immerse themselves in faith rituals
    Joshua Sukoff (2019) ©

VR helps people immerse themselves in faith rituals

Passover is normally one of the busiest times in Jerusalem, but COVID-19 has upheaved norms in 2020. As people of faith navigate a world without IRL interactions, VR services are letting them connect with one another and visit sacred landmarks from the comfort of their homes.



  • Article image Quibi: short-form shows made for mobile audiences

    Second-screening may be an established norm, but Quibi is hoping to make smartphones the first port of call for high-quality entertainment. Boasting a star-studded line-up of movies and programs, as well as the backing of Hollywood royalty, it’s elevating short-form media to new heights.

  • Article image How are people reacting to the impact of COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the nature of daily life, from postponing major events and shutting down entire industries to restricting the movement of billions worldwide. Canvas8 spoke to 19 people to understand how they’re coping with and adapting to these changes.

  • Article image How are live music fans getting their gig fix at home?

    With the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to stay at home out of a sense of public responsibility, artists are having to cancel shows worldwide. How are live-streaming platforms filling the void, and could digital behaviours during the crisis create long-term changes in how people consume music?

  • Article image MACY'S in-store VR: driving purchases by experience

    Macy's new in-store virtual reality system lets customers design and walk through a 3D living room – and then buy the furniture. The company plans to roll-out the programme in 90 stores by early 2019 and is also launching an augmented reality app to allow customers to explore furniture at home.