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  • Britons seek company from pets during isolation
  • Britons seek company from pets during isolation
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Britons seek company from pets during isolation

An influx of enquiries into pet adoption has seen the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home rehoming more furry friends during the lockdown period. With people conscious of the positive mental health effects of being around animals, they’re turning to pets for comfort and emotional connection. 



  • Article image How do Australians invest in their pets?

    Animals have become a key part of Australian families, and they’re reaping the benefits. As Australian pet-owners, especially Gen Yers and Zers, embrace the array of new options in the pet-care space, how can brands support pet parents in ensuring their animals are happy and healthy?

  • Smart litter box gives pet parents instant health info Smart litter box gives pet parents instant health info

    An AI-powered litter box that analyzes cats’ waste and sends details to an app has been recognized as a CES 2020 Innovations Awards Honoree. With younger generations spending big on their furry friends, any brands that can make pet parenthood easier will likely be well-received.

  • Article image FirstVet: transforming pet care through telehealth

    Going to the vet can be a difficult experience – pets may get spooked at the clinic by strange smells, sounds, and other animals, while many owners struggle to find the necessary time and funds to visit. FirstVet addresses these pain points by setting up virtual appointments through video calls.

  • Article image The Honest Kitchen: clean eating for pets

    Traditional pet food manufacturing processes are no longer acceptable to a new breed of pet parents who are projecting human values around health and wellbeing on to their animals. The Honest Kitchen is catering to this expectation with food that’s good enough for people to eat.